Event Organizers

I’m super excited you have decided to have me at your event. We are going to have an awesome time together and I can’t wait to meet you. Here are a few best practices to get you prepared for the wonderful time together.

Type of Event

In deciding what type of even you want, you have to think about how much time you have to prepare, what is the big purpose for the event and who are you looking to attend. Ask yourself these questions as you are guided through your decision making:

  • Is this a more intimate affair with close friends or are you trying to help support a fundraiser with a public event? Might I suggest you call around to other places that have held the type of event you’re thinking of to help you choose the best fit for you.
  • What venue are you thinking about? This will depend heavily on what your group looks like, what your budget is and how much of resources you have in planning. Be realistic because you and I both want to be able to enjoy ourselves the night of.

Topic Selection

Once you have the type of event selected, next you want to think about what you want me to present on and what format of presentation will work best. Review the presentation topics and format to see which one fits both your audience and purpose for the event. You may also want to think about space set up and all at this time as well.


Set a budget! Events are so much of fun and all you want to do is make it the best time possible for all in attendance but the costs for all the frills can get away from you quickly. Make sure to set a budget that includes décor, venue, food/drinks, marketing and any giveaways in addition to my fee. This can be offset by charging your guests, which is always the best idea, even for an in-home parties (Click here to see why!).

Simple is often better so please do not feel like you have to go all out. My presenter’s banner and table may just be all you need!

Ticket Price

Your ticket price will depend on the additives you give your attendees. For my presentation only, I would suggest tickets between $15-30 for small events and $50-$100 for larger events to help offset any overhead. You can go up from there if you are giving swag bags (get vendors to donate or sponsor), providing food/drinks or doing a full out fundraiser. Make sure to give yourself time to flush out all logistics so things run as smoothly as possible.

That’s it! After going through these questions, you should have everything planned out and raring to go! Make sure you complete the booking form even if all you have right now is a date. My calendar gets full very quickly and I don’t want to miss out on meeting you. If you have any questions, email us directly at Events@spicedupmarriages.com or call at 832-303-2569. I look forward to presenting at your event!